Supported Cameras

Boats Animator is primarily designed to support webcams and other similar USB devices. However, there are a number of workarounds available for connecting other types of camera.

USB Webcam

To use a USB Webcam with Boats Animator simply connect it to your computer. The webcam will then be available for selection in the Camera Source dropdown menu.

To adjust your webcam's settings such as focus and white balance you will need to use a separate program provided by your camera supplier. For example, the Logitech Camera Settings application for Logitech webcams.

Some users have found OBS Virtual Cam useful for controlling their camera settings.


Boats Animator does not natively support D-SLR cameras. However, you may be able to use an application that allows a camera to appear to your computer as a webcam. For example, the Canon EOS Webcam Utility application for Canon cameras.

A major downside to this approach is that this will only enable capture via your camera's live view feed rather than its main sensor.

D-SLR support is a long-term aim for this project, but in the meantime you may wish to try another program such as Tahoma2D.

iPhone and iPad

To use an iOS device as a Camera Source you can install an app such as OBS Studio iOS Camera Plugin. This requires an In-App Purchase and a computer running macOS or Windows.

If you have macOS 12.7 Ventura or later you can also try the built in Continuity Camera feature.


To use an Android device as a Camera Source you can install an app such as DroidCam. There are free and pro versions available.