Export Video

Captured frames can be rendered as a video file via the FFmpeg library. To render a video file, select the "Export video" option from the sidebar of the main window. You must capture at least one frame for this option to be available.

Selecting a file location

Selecting "Export video" will display a file picker to choose a file name and location to store the rendered video. Select "Save" when a suitable location has been found.

Video export options

After selecting an export location, the export video dialog will be visible. Select "Export video" when you ready to begin the video rendering process.

Export video dialog window

Export location

Select "browse" to change the selected file name and location for the video file.

FFmpeg quality preset

This option allows for basic adjustment to the output video's quality. See the FFmpeg Wiki for further information on presets.

In general, choosing a slower preset will provide better compression (quality per filesize) to the output video file. Use the slowest preset that you have patience for!

FFmpeg arguments

This option allows manual adjustment to the FFmpeg command line arguments that will be used the render the video file. A list of available options is available in the FFmpeg documentation. Leave these options unchanged unless you know what you are doing.