Menu Bar

Menu bar

The menu bar contains an assortment of options both to do with the current project and the program in general. The menu bar is located in the Main Window.

Note for macOS users

The menu bar will show some additional items to those listed here. These features are part of macOS rather than Boats Animator.

File menu

New Project: this feature has not been implemented yet.

Open Project: this feature has not been implemented yet.

Main Menu: select this to return to the launcher window.

Exit: select this to close the program.

Edit menu

Delete Last Frame: this will remove the last frame of your animation and delete it permanently from the hard-drive. A dialog box with "Are you sure you want to delete frame X?" is displayed before deletion occurs.

Capture menu

Capture Frame: select this button to capture a new frame from the live-feed that is visible in capture mode.

Conform Take: select this to rename all of the captured frames file names to be sequential.

Play Capture Sounds: this toggles whether a sound plays when a frame is captured.

Change Capture Destination: select this to change the folder Boats Animator exports captured frames to.

Playback menu

Loop Playback: this toggles if playback should continue from the first frame captured when the last frame captured is reached.

Display First Frame: this displays the first frame captured.

Display Last Frame: this displays the last frame captured.

View menu

Toggle Developer Tools: this opens the Electron developer tools. They are used to diagnose any issues with the application.

Actual Size: this resets the size of the user interface if it has been changed.

Zoom In: this increases the size of the user interface.

Zoom Out: this decreases the size of the user interface.

Toggle Full Screen: this sets the application to be full screen. Select this option again or use the keyboard shortcut F11 to leave full screen.

Help menu

Documentation: select this to view Boats Animator's documentation (the website you are currently on!).

Give Feedback: select this to load the issues page of Boats Animator's GitHub repository.

View License: select this to view Boats Animator's terms and conditions.

Official Website: select this to visit