Status Bar

Status bar

The status bar contains useful information about the current project. The status bar is located in the Main Window.

Current frame

Frame x of y

This is an indicator of what is currently being displayed in the preview area. When in capture mode x is equal to one more than the number of frames currently captured. The logic here is: "once this picture is taken it will become the xth frame captured."

Current FPS

xx FPS

This is the frame rate that will be used to playback frames. The playback frame rate can be adjusted using the frame rate adjuster.

Current resolution

0000x0000 or No camera selected

This is the current capture resolution. No camera selected is displayed when a capture device is yet to be selected in the sidebar.

Current mode

x mode

This is the current mode that Boats Animator is in.

Capture mode

This is when a live-feed of the selected camera is displayed in the preview area. Capture mode is accessed by selecting the live-view button.

Playback mode

This is when a captured frame is displayed in the preview area. Playback mode can be accessed either by selecting a captured frame from the frame-reel or by selecting the play button.